Current Students

  • Xuyang Lu (Ph.D. Student)
  • Qing Yang (Ph.D. Student)

Former Students

  • Ying Zhou Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2010, Dissertation: Nonparametric and Semiparametric Inference for Treatment Efficacy in Randomized Clinical Trials with a Time-to-event Outcome and Non-compliance
  • Lily Altstein Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2010, Dissertation: Accelerated Failure time models to Estimate Treatment Efficacy Among Unobserved Subgroups of a Randomized Trial
  • Xin Huang Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2008, Dissertation: Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Measurements and Competing Risks Survival Data with Heterogeneous Random Effects
  • Wenhua Hu Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2007, Dissertation: A Bayesian Approach to Joint Analysis of Longitudinal Measurements and Competing Risks Failure Time Data
  • Hyun Jung (Grace) Kim Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2007, Dissertation: Classification in Thoracic Computed Tomography Image Data
  • Tongtong Wu Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2006, Dissertation: Partial Linear Semiparametric Additive Risks Model For Two-stage Design Survival Studies
  • Yu Zhao Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2006, Dissertation: Additive Risks Regression For Survival Data From Two-stage Designs
  • Kefei Zhou Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2006, Dissertation: A Unified Approach to Nonparametric Comparison of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves for Longitudinal and Clustered Data
  • Ning Li Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2005, Dissertation: Joint Analysis of Longitudinal Measurements and Competing Risks Failure Time Data
  • Nan Zhang Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2005, Dissertation: Sample Size Determination for Comparing Two Treatments with Multiple Competing Risks Survival Data
  • Luohua Jiang Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2005, Dissertation: Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Glaucomatous Visual Field Data
  • Kun Nie Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2004, Dissertation: Hypothesis Testing of High Dimensional Data With Applications to Medical Image Analysis
  • Dong Jun Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2004, Dissertation: A Functional Logistic Regression Model for Longitudinal data
  • Chi-hong Tseng Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2004, Dissertation: Survival Analysis with Two Stage Design Studies
  • Chaofeng Liu Ph.D. Biostatistics, 2001, Dissertation: Partial Linear Semi-parametric Additive Hazards Models for Randomly Censored Survival Time Data